Once upon a time, on a hot August 31, there lived a young me. This young me was dying from the heat and to cool herself off she decided to go on YouTube and find something to distract her from eating all the ice-cream sitting in the freezer. Little did the little me know that that day would be the day her life took a 360 turn.

Old picture alert! HS graduation day.

Hey everyone! The name is Xee (or Shi) and I’m proud to say that I’m a kpop addict. I listen to kpop primarily but I know how to appreciate good music. I’m a multifandom kpopper and does my best not to be bias towards other groups.

KPOPBITCH is not meant to be a noun but rather a: “What are you listening to?” “KPOP, BITCH!” kind of way.

I started this blog primarily because I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on some of the ongoings in the world of kpop and many other Hallyu things (and also because other college students don’t listen to kpop). Because I’m also a writer (fanfics! check me out here), though I’m not the best at updating, I will also occasionally talk about it as well—it’s one of my passions.

I’m a chill person and get along with a lot of people. Never back down from talking to someone new, something that I continue to learn throughout life.

And that’s the end! I’m glad to make your acquaintance!



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